News & Blog International Africa Day 2021: Reviving the Spirit of Pan Africanism in all African Nations - Amb. Nihi

Felicitating with African Nations and Leaders of our dear continent on the occasion of the Africa Day celebration 2021. I am urging Leaders and most especially youths of Africa to revive the spirit of Pan Africanism even as the theme for this year's edition of the Africa Day reads; Arts, Culture & Heritage: Levers for building the Africa we want.

There is an urgent need for the revival of African culture especially amidst the younger generation which has been predominantly influenced by direct and indirect interactions with foreign Nations. And even as we are yet to fully recover from the adverse effects of colonization as a continent, reconnecting with the true African culture would play a major role to the healing process of our dear continent.

As it is obvious that the continent is depending on every young African for a better habitation, we must look back to the efforts invested by our forefathers in building the world we currently live in and build on it. we must not forget as youths, to get involved in decisions making for policies that are capable of changing the narratives by using our unarguable youth population in a democratic process. Also, the need to continually preach and promote peace integration amongst Africa Nations can never be over-emphasized. For with adequate peace comes true developments as Nations.

As we continue to progress in building our continent, we should always be motivated by the words of Emperor Haile Selassie as proclaimed on the 25th May 1963 during the Addis Ababa convention of 30 Africa Nations and, an initiative that would later birth the African Union (AU) on the 9th of July 2002 in Durban, South Africa. "May this convention of the union last 1,000 years" and I add to it that may Africa lasts beyond a thousand years.
Happy 2021 International Africa Day.

Amb. Oladele John NIHI
Honourable Commissioner,
Youth Political Participation.

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