News & Blog OJN Annual Symposium: Governor Bello's SA Describes Amb. Oladele John Nihi as Bold, Audacious and Irrepressible Goal Getter

Hon. Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi, Special Adviser to Kogi State Governor on Civil Service and Labour Matters, has described Amb. Oladele John Nihi as one of the many young people he was privileged to lead, teach and mentor, and can conveniently say that he is a young man with fertile mind, bold, audacious, and irrepressible goal getter who will stop at nothing to achieve a task. And above all a giant risk taker and vociferous promoter of anything he believes in. 

Hon. Adeyemi revealed that at various stages Amb. Nihi had ran to him for elderly guidance, even when the duo shared different political interests. And whenever he comes, he comes with mind blowing ideas, discussions and engagements, and would proceed to always execute them all.      

In his discuss, he affirmatively disclosed while pouring out floods of eulogies, that his close interactions with Amb. Nihi in terms of relationship and understanding of his drive, energy and cerebral endowment, he is ready to boldly identify with the OJN Annual Symposium, especially, given the relevance of the topic to the prevalent reality of our nation: "TOWARDS YOUTHFUL GOVERNANCE IN NIGERIA."  

He thereafter declared his irreversible support to join the crusade to invite young Nigerians to this epoch-making event; as the event will avail young people the opportunity to sit together and conduct critical appraisals on the journey of our nation, there by proffering solutions to national challenges. 

Kelvin Oluseyi Eleta,


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  • Y.S. ONIMODE(Jnr)

    06 Jul 2021 at 05:33pm

    Indeed, whether we accept it in the open or in the corners of our homes, apolitical participation, active representation and intentional leadership among young people without bias to gender is the panacea to national development and without mincing words, the only hope left for Nigeria. Although a few of us nurse similar ambition, but OLADELE JOHN NIHI has taken a step and moving fast ahead, it is only fair on our part and to ourselves as youth to support and also learn a few points as to how he has come this far. Indeed, this young man is Audacious and a dogged goal getter!

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